Jaguar XF 2.2 D MY 2012, easy and sincere

The Jaguar XF 2012 Model YearAs well as a moderate aesthetic renewal, has the big news of the adoption of the engine 2.2 turbo 4 cylinder 190 hp, which develops a maximum torque of 450 Nm and has a new 8-speed automatic transmission with Start & Stop. A choice that has already found preview leaves intact the honor of the Jaguar XF and aligns with what is proposed by the direct competitors.

A new feature that should cover about half of production and that consecrates the Jaguar XF as less hungry for more, without having to pay duty too much from the point of view of performance: the 225 km / h top speed and the 0-100 km / h in 8.5 seconds portend a bright behavior at least in line with the needs of customers who by realizations of the House of Coventry expects comfort and even some verve.

Evidence shows that, along a beautiful path that winds in the vicinity of Monaco of BavariaComposed of motorways and winding roads full of curves and elevation changes, the XF 2.2D has fully satisfied in every respect. The fear of being left with an undersized engine disappears after the first stress imposed on the accelerator: the response of the engine is always ready and linear, the 450 Nm of torque are doing their part, allowing the car to move with the necessary agility in all conditions. Very positive for the new 8-speed gearbox: Automatic insertion of the speed is almost unnoticeable, while in manual mode, with the classic palette positioned behind the steering wheel, offers fast and precise graft even during the climb.

On the road the XF 2.2D proves sincere and easy to drive, as well as offering great satisfaction even in sporty driving. Merit of a precise steering and homogeneous that despite the light always gives a good feeling with the road surface. In mixed the car, despite the size, is very quick to change direction easily and keeps the trajectory set, without imposing excessive corrections even at speeds as incurred. The situation does not change at high speeds reached along the German motorways, with the XF, which always gives a great sense of security.

The ride comfort is in line with the traditions of the House: big noise and suspension that digest the various bumps with ease, despite the presence of massive tires to 255/35/20.

Ultimately, with this new engine the Jaguar does not give up, rather adapts to the times and does so with the usual style and confirmed effectiveness. The Jaguar XF 2012 Model Year will be in dealerships in September with a list that starts 46,450 euros. All prices and details of exhibitions will be announced in the coming weeks.

Jaguar XF 2.2 D MY 2012, easy and sincere
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